Kala Maitri strongly believes in ensuring that women artisans engaged with us are given the right exposure and their voices and stories are being heard by everyone. Know the story behind every saree, apparel or the bag you purchase and support us by sharing your happy customer stories with us.


Know us better by having a look at our work and understanding the process we follow at the field level. Feel free to share with us your experiences of having visited us or working with us in this section.


Where There is A Will

Want to read resilient stories? Here's Jayshree Jain's story for you from Maheshwar

August 29, 2020

Hidden Gems

Kala Maitri through its initiative has been successful in finding hidden gems amongst women. Here's one to read.

August 29, 2020

Collective Strength

Read on to see how being in a collective can push someone to pursue their dreams and passion.

August 29, 2020


Kala Maitri Gallery


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Year 2019 saw the launch of our brand at Feronia fashion Night in Indore. Check out to know more about this here


Know how our various partners have been supporting us throughout the project

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