Women’s Integrated and Synergistic Empowerment (WISE) is a non-profit founded in March 2017 to promote women’scollectives to enhance their capabilities to make informed choices and gain access to financial and other resources. WISE has been promoted by Chaitanya, an organization based out of Maharashtra, founded in 1993 with the intent to promote rural tribal women as community leaders of strong sustainable and self-reliant institutions enabling access to finance and gender equity. Chaitanya’s programs consist of self-help groups, intimate grassroots-based social clusters, and area-specific federations.

With support from Capri Global Capital Limited, WISE had started working from April 2019 in Maheshwar Tehsil of Khargone district where the project of Capri Global Foundation is to focus on Economic Empowerment of 1000 women weavers, garment manufacturers and various small-scale women entrepreneurs by promoting a Women’s Entrepreneurial Network (WEN) that enables them to benefit from economies of scale and  maximize employment generation and value creation.  

As part of empowering 1000 women in Maheshwar, WISE has envisioned and is working towards setting up an Integrated Federation and a Women Entrepreneurial Network in Maheshwar. In the year 2019-20 WISE has been able to reach out to 480 women who are part of the collectives.

Women Entrepreneurial Network (WEN) is an Entrepreneurial Network of women which aims at identifying and nurturing the innate talents of women by mobilizing them into collectives. The Network aims at mobilizing women into small collectives focusing on identifying their skills, training and building entrepreneurs out of them so that they can have access to market and other resources.

About Kala Maitri

“Kala Maitri” has been defined as the unique range of products indigenously designed and hand crafted by small-scale women entrepreneurs of the WENs of Madhya Pradesh. Kala Maitri is the brand name of products made by various women entrepreneurial collectives. “Kala” signifies the skilled craft the women innately possess and “Maitri” signifies the strong belief we hold in women’s collectives model to empower women by linking them into one big Entrepreneurial Network!

Kala Maitri is an attempt to economically empower women weavers, garment manufacturers and various small-scale women entrepreneurs by promoting a Women’s Entrepreneurial Network (WEN) that enables them to benefit from economies of scale and maximize employment generation and value creation.


Help women from all walks of Life build a Network of Maitris and benefit from Social Capital


Fair Trade and Fair Pay

Each of our products are available to our customers at a fair price and each woman artisan involved in the process is paid fair wages respecting the craft and hard work put in by them. All our products are made in completely safe environments by women artisans who go through continuous skill development training.

Commitment to Customers

Each order is fulfilled as per the requirement of the customer and are delivered on time as per the need. We give top priority to the quality of the products and ensure that only the best of raw materials are used in the production of the products as per our promise.

Crafted with Love

Each product made by or women artisans are crafted with utmost love as the sales proceed from every sale goes directly to them. Every purchase made by you helps our artisans earn an income and become economically empowered by living a life of dignity.



Once our women artisans are fully skilled with the techniques they are given the flexibility to work from the comforts of their home without hindering their day to day activities and at the same time fulfilling multiple responsibilities to their best.


Every product made by our women artisans is given due recognition and it narrates the story of their lives.


Our artisans and team ensures that only the best quality raw materials are used in manufacturing the products.




Staff Members


Interns & Voluntreers


Skill Specific WENs

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